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The system of documentation workflow is intended for organization and systematization of electronic documentation workflow, office work automation, data storage centralization. The system architecture makes it possible to rganize a single corporate informational space with the differentiated access to data. Flexibility of system modules allows to adjust their functional (forms of documents, schemes of their approval, reports) for specific customers.

Advantages of the system

    • System modules are adapted to the requirements of a specific client;
    • Complex automation of bank documentation workflow and, as a consequence, reduction of time and material expenses for office work;
    • Information protection due to access limitation to documents;
    • Transparency of documentation workflow business processes, possibility of its control;
    • Refusal from documents duplication and transfer.

Modules of documentation workflow system

The documentation workflow system consists of the following modules:

Circulation of documents.jpg

Documentation circulation system makes it possible to:

  • Maximally automatize the filled-in document forms according to a single standard;
  • Send electronic document for approval and registration;
  • Organize mailing of notification letters to personal E-mail boxes of employees who consider the document;
  • Use facsimile signatures similar to the signatures on paper during document print-out;
  • Make the protocol of work with a document for tracking the actions with it;
  • Use a digital signature;
  • Work with bases by using any mobile devices.
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