“SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES” is a reliable partner for your business development.

The company’s activity is aimed at establishment of successful business models based on the use of high technologies and intended for a long perspective. In order for the company's products to be safety used, «SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES» follows an information security policy, that acceptable to all company's information and processes.

Client oriented development:
  • Long experience of IT-solutions development and introduction 
  • Management quality and high level of business processes (ISO 9001 certificate)
  • Innovation approach to  development
  • Responsibility for the introduced business solutions
  • Personal approach to every client
  • Support of the whole development cycle of development
Our mission:

to provide our clients with a necessary set of tools for fulfillment of modern ideas in the area of digital financial services.  

Our values:
Client-oriented ­approach
  • We identify the needs of customers (including internal customers) and offer the best possible solution.  
  • The Client is more important than the process. Our well-being and our future depend on client’s satisfaction. 
  • Internal customer also plays important role for us.
  • We respect all the efforts spent by our team on achieving the set goals, but first of all we appreciate those who make great progress.  
  • The result is more important than the process.
  • We develop our skills in order to achieve the results more efficiently.  
  • We put our lives into work and do our best. 
  • Our effectiveness should be worthy of our potential.
  • We willingly participate in the life of the company out of roles, instructions, provisions, responsibilities.  
  • We speak aloud problems when we see they can become an obstacle. We offer ideas for improving of our work.  
  • We do a bit more than we are expected. 
  • We initiate a transfer to another project or team as soon as understand that we can be more efficient there.
Fair-dealing with ourselves, compa­ny and clients
  • We consider trust and loyalty of clients, partners and employees as our main asset.  
  • We strictly meet commitments from company’s part as well as from employees’ part.
  • Our working time is really dedicated to assistance or solutions development for our clients.
Team work
  • We are sure that complicated and challenging tasks can be fulfilled more efficient whilst working in a team.  
  • We willingly react to any ask for a hand from the colleague and believe that everyone has a right to make mistakes.
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