Сreating payment bots

Payment chat-bot is a subsystem which works with any payment card with no fee via messages exchange with user in messengers

Non-bank credit and financial organizations Banks
JLLC SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES offers the possibility of payment chat-bot creation, which can fulfill many operations via messages exchange with user in messengers.

Payment chat-bots are already used by:


Capabilities of chat-bot for the Client:

  • Realization of any information or payment service according to specified algorithm including self-learning ones;
  • Sending of informational push-messages;
  • Sending of push-messages about new bills and debts for services;
  • Sending of payment notifications via e-mail;
  • Credit repayments with advance notifying of client with no costs for SMS;
  • Realization of client’s account with possibility of menu and services list managing, possibility of individual settings within services;
  • Integration with the Single Settlemant and Information Space;
  • Integration with call-centers, CRM-systems, customer service centers via messengers (Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger);
  • Personal configuration for receiving data from different sources (websites, databases);
  • Interaction with any API (bank information system, information systems of other companies);
  • Receiving of statistical data for the client;
  • Receiving of any account data from user and its processing and storing;
  • Usage of geolocation data received from user;
  • Provision of broad possibilities for extensibility and scalability;
  • Secured authorization with private bank account.

Payment bot for end-user:

  • Quick and easy user payments;
  • Possibility of payments with cards issued by any bank with no extra fees;
  • Transfer of some services to “Popular services” category for easier payment without entering client account or another data;
  • Creation of user card statements;
  • Continuous working 24/7;
  • Creation of user account with personalized settings;
  • Synchronization/ transferring of payment data within one person’s accounts in different messengers (popular services data, subscriptions for bills notification, connected cards data);
  • Uploading does not need traffic;
  • Does not take the space in smartphone;
  • Possibility of payment in one click.

End-user benefits

JLLC SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES has launched payment chat-bot BYNgo, which is successfully working in the following channels:


BYNgo functionality:

  • Mobile phone top-up;
  • Payment for telecom services;
  • E-wallets top-up;
  • Payment of traffic fines for overspeeding registered by speed fixing cameras and receiving notifications about new fines before the actual letter;
  • Payment of Internet and TV bills;
  • Payment for utilities;
  • “Popular services” category;
  • Sending of informational push-messages;
  • Subscription for notification about new bills;
  • User account;
  • Synchronization of payment data within one person’s accounts in different messengers.
JLLC SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES has successful experience in creating similar services in different messengers and with different functionality:

Integration with payment systems conforms to the international payment cards security standard PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
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