A project plan of a new office was presented at the «HR-Brand award 2015"


A project plan of a new office was presented at the «HR-Brand award 2015"

A solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of HR-Brand 2015" took place on the 9th of December. The company "System Technologies" JLLC presented its project plan of a new office "U svaim krai, yak u rai" and was second in the nomination "Choice of the professional community".

The project submitted by "System Technologies" JLLC, was dedicated to the new office of the company, which has been opened in May of the current year.

The core of the project was the decision of the ambitious objective of the development teams’ integration at one site in the Hi-Tech Park. The creation of the work environment for a new type of company, working in the "knowledge based-economy", was the main objective. This goal was achieved through the creation of the working space for exchange of knowledge, new skills and generation of new ideas due to open space, modern classrooms, and areas for formal and informal communication with maximum preservation of natural lighting, ergonomics, modern technical means.

The fundamental idea was included in the new office. There are national values such as: hard work, order, diligence, tolerance, mutual support, teamwork, environmental friendliness at the heart of the mission of the company.

The new office - it is also a source of inspiration and self-fulfillment for its employees. This is the place where employees not only have the opportunity for a comfortable work, but also for continuous personal enrichment. This is a platform for mutual exchange of knowledge, which, however, does not have the material embodiment, but is the most expensive thing for a person. The opening of the new office became the confirmation that the work in the Belarusian companies is no less prestigious than in the company of world renown.



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