An innovative project for integration of voice biometrics


An innovative project for integration of voice biometrics

Personal identification biometric technique is now gaining popularity, however there are not so many specific examples of projects implementation with the use of such methods. The company "System Technologies" took part in an innovative project for integration of voice biometrics with CRM-system of "Priorbank".

A standard procedure of call-center client authentication, where a user (a client of the bank) asks the operator for information requiring confirmation of his personality (for example, information about accounts or contracts) has become the automation object within the framework of the project. To have a possibility to conduct a client voice authentication was implemented an additional registration process of voice standard– a digital file, including 74 voice characteristics. In the process of voice standard registration in the database of the bank, the voice model of every client will be saved.

When the client makes an inquiry to the call-center of the bank, the system makes voice recognition in accordance with the voice standard, then the system automatically informs the operator about the extent of the client's voice to his standard. If the identification of the client is positive, an additional identification of the passport number or the phone number is not required.

Additionally, the system is equipped with special noise-cancelling devices that give a possibility to analyze the voice, even if any side tones exist. The system also takes into account the characteristics of variable-based voices (changed because of mild illness, ageing), due to the constant process of voice standard accumulation . 

The project was implemented with the participation of "Speech Technology Center" LLC. Its VoiceKey.AGENT system has successfully been integrated by specialists of "System Technologies" to the CRM-system of "Priorbank" JSC. This project is the first project of this sort in the field of usage of biometric technologies for identity authentication in the banking sector not only in Belarus, but also in the CIS countries.

The implementation of voice biometrics system will not only reduce the processing time of calls in the call- center, but also improve the safety level in working with information, excluding the cases of fraud with clients’ data.


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Voice client authentication - the comparison process of the client's voice patterns received during the telephone conversation with the existing standard voice of the client in the database.

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