"Digital Banking" Conference. The Future of Banks and Banking


"Digital Banking" Conference. The Future of Banks and Banking

Let’s have a small review on the conference “Digital Banking” that has successfully taken place in Renaissance Hotel in Minsk on 21 April

The chairmen of major Belarusian banks, IT and finance professionals and specialists took part in the conference. Experts presented their reports on topics of new banking technologies and future of banking. After the participants’ presentations a foresight session “The Future of Banking and Banks” was held. The session resulted in numerous discussions and raised lots of question points. 

Alexander Ermakovich, the Deputy Director General of “SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES”, presented a report “Open API as an Integration Strategy for Core Bank Services Development”. The company “SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES” also offered a live demonstration of its new products, in particular new version of Internet-Bank for legal entities and new version of Mobile Bank for individuals. 

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The company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES" became the first among the largest IT-service providers in the Belarusian market!