Fabulous New Year with the company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES"


Fabulous New Year with the company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES"

New Year is coming. This is one of the brightest and most joyful holidays of the year, filled with gifts and miracles. At the same time, New Year can be a real challenge for companies facing the choice of Christmas gifts for its customers. What to give? How to surprise? How to stand out from the competitors? How to create a memorable gift? All the products in the catalogs are the same, the basic concepts are already implemented more than once. So what’s to be done? 

Outstanding Coco Chanel once was on target: "If you want to be unique, you should not look like anyone else!" Isn’t it the best motto for any company? Exactly this way chose the company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES" and went to this fabulous adventure in the New Year's Eve.


"2015 was very intensive year for our company: new corporate identity was introduced, the opening of the new office took place, - says Head of Marketing Department, Elena Iodo. The change of corporate identity has become a cardinal: we have completely changed our symbols, colors, all attributes. That is why the primary task, which was set to our department was very smooth introduction of corporate identity in the minds of our customers and partners. With the new identity a new direction of our cultural development appeared - promotion of the Belarusian language and cultural heritage of our country. First of all we realized this concept in the project of a new office and successfully applied in the New Year's congratulatory campaign. 

It should be noted that this year our company provided financial support to crowdfunding project "Belarusian fairy tales for iPhone and iPAD». This is the author's project in the Belarusian language, voiced by the leader of the band "Palace" Oleg Khomenko, the main purpose of which was to popularize the Belarusian fairy tales. This particular project has inspired us to create unusual Christmas gifts for our clients and partners. The first thing you notice in a "fairytale" application - vivid illustrations. We called in aid a talented painter who creates these inimitable images. And the result of our collaboration was a series of unique pictures for Christmas gifts. The central place in the giftware assigned to the calendar. In my opinion, it turned out to be very bright and memorable. The main characters here - Moon and Sun - that represent the calendar day. I recommend look into the details: a huge number of characters hide in one illustration. We know them not only from fairy tales, but also from a wealthy Belarusian poetry, folk songs, traditional Belarusian rites. 

Копия IMG_1140_1.jpg
Calendar, in its turn, became the starting point for the design of accompanying printed media materials: our fantastic characters settled on the gift bags, cards and on the box with the Belarusian cranberries. Cards have also a surprise: we give our customers personal access codes to download "Fairy Tales for iPhone and iPAD» application. thus Belarusian fairy tale will become the part of every family.


We have enclosed a lot of inspiration in our Christmas gifts, and we hope that we will be able to pass this fabulous mood to all those people who receive this wonderful gift." 



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A project plan of a new office was presented at the «HR-Brand award 2015"