FinTech Hackathon


FinTech Hackathon

On 21-23 April FinTech Hackathon took place in Minsk at Imaguru StartUp Hub. For the second time the company “SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES” became IT-sponsor of the event. There were also Priorbank JSC, Visa and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus among partners.  

During 48 hours 13 teams were generating ideas in the area of financial technologies and made them work as real services and apps. Experienced mentors assisted the teams. There were two mentors from “SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES” – Sergei Kravchenko and Alexander Yermakovich (both are Deputy Director General). Alexander Yermakovich consulted teams on technical and development issues; meanwhile Sergei Kravchenko was more concentrated on monetization and promotional aspects of the projects. 

Mentors prepared masterclasses and presented them during the hackathon. Sergei Kravchenko shared the company’s experience in FinTech services development (payment chat-bot BYNgo, service for fuel payment via mobile phone called DRIVE&PAY) and also told about company’s unsuccessful project and failures that led to that.
The ideas at the hackathon were different, without repetitions, what Sergei Kravchenko mentioned in his interview to portal. Moreover in comparison to previous hackathons the teams were more diversified from the point of its participants: there were not only developers but also marketing specialists and others.
Among the ideas and projects of Imaguru FinTech Hackathon were: a micro credit service, services for money transfer via social networks and between a mobile phone and a credit card, application for office PCs cryptocurrency earning in the nighttime, etc.

At the end of the event a special prize form “SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES” (1 000 dollars cheque for Imaguru services) was awarded to Manio project. Manio is a task-manager for children where a child can receive rewards for completing tasks set by parents. With the help of this app children can learn financial awareness: they make decisions by themselves, distribute their money, set and complete tasks.
The main prize of the hackathon (tickets to Latitude59 startup conference in Estonia) went to BimboFly project (P2P flight tickets insurance service).

“SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES” company supports startups and young teams that work in FinTech field; it also actively collaborates with Belarusian startup hubs (Imaguru and Space) and sponsors events. The company is open to new ideas and projects.

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