In a Worldwide Day without a car with new bicycle parking


In a Worldwide Day without a car with new bicycle parking

The popularity of bicycles in Belarus is gaining tremendous momentum. The number of people using a bicycle as a regular vehicle, is growing all the time. The reasons for this are quite simple: a bicycle is easy to ride and service, it does not produce harmful emissions, in contrast to a car, also it helps to be in good physical form. That is why many large companies encourage employees using bicycles, and make great efforts to make cyclists’ accommodation comfortable.

"System Technologies" confirmed the image of bicycle-friendly company not for the first time, and in honor of the Programmer Day, as well as on the occasion of the Worldwide Day without a car, gave their employees a wonderful surprise - a new bicycle parking near the new office.

A wonderful gift for cyclists - a new bicycle parking.

"Our company really pays much attention to a healthy lifestyle and sports. We offer our employees access to the swimming pool, playing football, basketball and volleyball on the grounds leased by the company ", - says Head of Human Resources Department Dmitry Kirol. "For those people who use a bicycle as a vehicle, we offer a specially equipped parking. The advantage of this parking is security of personal vehicle, confidence in its safety. Previously, our employees shared a parking with another company. With the opening of the new office there emerges a possibility of equipping a separate parking. Also shower rooms are functioning in our office in order to observe the rules of personal hygiene.

One of the shower room equipped in the office of "System Technologies".

For years we support the campaign "A Day without a car". Traditionally on this day our employees, even those who used to drive a car, come to work using a bicycle. This year more employees were able to support this initiative, mainly due to the opening of a new bicycle parking. We are very glad that we can contribute to the popularization of bicycling and we hope that the number of cyclists in our company will be even more in the future." 

The opening of the new bicycle parking was truly grand: a welcoming speech and cutting a ribbon.

Ideological encourager of bicycle movement in ST was trust to cut the ribbon of the new bicycle parking. 

As an additional gift all the cyclists got sports water bottles, which are so necessary on the way.

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