Intellectual Battle of IT Experts


Intellectual Battle of IT Experts

The tournament of intellectual game “What? Where? When?” among IT companies was held on September 23, 2015.
The tournament was organized under the aegis of the elite club “What? Where? When? “ in Belarus. The host of the tournament was a member of the elite club, the host of the Belarusian television version of “What? Where? When?” – Ales Mukhin.


The team of "System Technologies" showed an excellent result and took the 5th place among 18 teams participating.
The captain of the team Gleb Zayats is telling us about their participation in the intellectual battle.

ST: How was the game organized? It is true that all the questions were devoted to IT theme?

GZ: The tournament was held in three stages: the teams were supposed to answer 18 questions in the first and the second stages. The top two teams also participated in the final round, which was held according to “Brain-Ring” system. While assessing the question it was taken into consideration the number of teams that answered it and the value of the question. The questions were diverse from different spheres of life. The team was given one minute to think over the question, during which the team players not only discussed different versions, but also wrote down the answer on a sheet of paper.

ST: How was the team getting ready for the game?

GZ: We were pressed for time to prepare for the game. However, we managed to achieve team work. Besides, we put an emphasis on the players who generated ideas. Our team gave a good account of itself, especially taking into account the fact that professional teams and title-holders of the television version of “What? Where? When?” took part in the tournament. In the first round we entered the top three and at the end of the game we took the final 5th place. That is a very good result.

ST: What question have you remembered most?

GZ: I think it is high time to thank the organizers of the game for selecting very interesting questions. Here is for example one of them: “What was artist Alexander Ivanov holding in front of the model, telling her funny stories? The artist tried to evoke on the girl's face an expression that Mary Magdalene would have when she suddenly saw the risen Christ”. And the elegant answer to the question: “The artist was holding an onion in front of the model while telling her funny stories to make her smile through tears.”
Once again we congratulate the team of "System Technologies" on a remarkable result!

Here are some more questions from the tournament “What? Where? When?” by team captain Gleb Zayats:

- It appeared in 1963 and since then, according to Boris Burda, it has become much thicker mainly thanks to our efforts. What is it?
- It was injured as a result of the tragedy, which occurred on the night of 23 December, 1888. On June 28, 1997 another accident that affected it happened, but later its fragment was found and sewn back. It isn’t necessary to call what it is. What is the name of the victim in the first case and the name of the villain in the second?
- In 1824 Michael Faraday used something similar to this object in his experiments with hydrogen. 35 years ago these 24 objects helped one animal to disappear. Call both the object and the animal.
The answers:
1. IUCN Red List
2. Vincent van Gogh, Mike Tyson (and it is an ear, respectively)
3. A balloon and a bear (The symbol of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games was the Olympic Bear that was launched into the sky with air balloons)

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