IT-Company Office in Belarusian: Modernity, Comfort and Native Language


IT-Company Office in Belarusian: Modernity, Comfort and Native Language

On May 15, 2015 a new office of the company was opened. The office turned out to be rather unusual. Of course, habitual desks and chairs are available there, programmers don’t need to huddle together in capsules, and they are not loaded to the matrix, but starting from the first steps employees and visitors get to the amazing world of the Belarusian culture.


Near the reception office we can see a big glossy signboard “System Technologies” («Сістэмныя тэхналогіі»). And this is only the beginning of the Belarusian language lesson. Creative energy can be drawn just from the entrance where a board with multiple Belarusian words is located: “development” (развіццё), “quality” (якасць), “achievement” (дасягненне), “height” (вышыня), “creative work” (творчасць) – the real wall of inspiration. A curious researcher will also find in the office “a room for generation of ideas” (пакой для генерацыі ідэй), “a room of liveliness” (пакой бадзёрасці), “tavern” (карчму), “laboring” (працоўню), “telephone communication” (тэлефонная сувязі), “tea or coffee” (кава ці гарбата). 


“Thinking about the design of our new office we did not want to just provide new working places for employees of our company”, - informed the Director General of the Company Alexander E. Mukovozchik. “We were facing a more difficult problem – to choose the direction of our development for the future and become an example for other IT-companies There is a very important component in our office: respect to the country where we are working and to its cultural traditions. That is why the Belarusian language is the main one used by us in our internal navigation”


In the office of “System Technologies” Co. one can recall the native Belarusian language, but also make voyage to most well-known places of sightseeing in our country. Each conference room in the office is called by the name of one of cultural places of Belarus, and in the room itself one can admire historical places of our country. Mir and Nesvizh castles, palaces in Ruzhany, Golshany and Kossovo are waiting for you here.


“Our foreign partners are frequently visiting us, but, unfortunately, due to tight schedules of our meetings they cannot afford for themselves to visit these beautiful places of our country. Now, we can introduce cultural prosperity of Belarus to our guests just in our office”, - adds the Director General. According to the Deputy Director General Alexander V. Zhukovsky the new office of “System Technologies” Co. also confirms that the tendency “the office is as your home” which has become so widespread in offices of such IT-giants as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, is also more and more actively used in our country. Comfort and modernity are two main trends which were followed by us during implementation of this project. The office of an IT-Company in the 21st century is not simply a working place equipped with computers, this is the full complex where an employee can find all what he or she needs for comfortable work and rest: a kitchen, conference rooms, telephone communication rooms, a shower, a physical exercise room. Once again the cultural component should be pointed out in our interior design. We are working in Belarus, our country is one of the leaders in development of IT-products and services in the world. That’s why we wanted once more to stress uniqueness and beauty of our Motherland. .

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