MENTOR DAY2: best start-up ideas from beginning entrepreneurs


MENTOR DAY2: best start-up ideas from beginning entrepreneurs

On May 15, 2015 MENTOR DAY2 was held within the frameworks of the Republican Forum “Youth in IT-2015” – this was an event where beginning IT-Entrepreneurs received practical aid for development of their start-up projects.

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Yuri Stoyanov, the Deputy Chief of Department of HR&W and Perspective Systems of “System Technologies” Co. was invited as a jury expert. He not only participated in assessment of presented projects, but also had a chance to share useful IT-ideas with young people.

YStoyanov_MD.jpg"I have to admit that I never thought we would be able to organize start-up events on such a high level. Today I am pleasantly surprised that the participants really presented perspective projects. Of course, some of the more perspective and others are less perspective. It is most important that this happens in PHT, as the Park of High Technologies is a symbol of the Belarusian IT Business Incubator, we really lacked the co-working centre for growth of successful companies from start-ups. Beginning of events of such a kind on a specialized site would be the following stage of IT-industry development in Belarus”, - Yury said.

The winner of MENTOR DAY2 was acknowledged the team of the GuideMe project, which is an application for tourists who know the value of time. The application is plotting the personified routes by sightseeing attractions in any point of the world on the basis of available time for users, their own interests, popularity of places and other factors.


MENTOR DAY2 was organized by the Park of High Technologies jointly with the Social Weekend community and the project of young people “100 Ideas for Belarus”. For the first time MENTOR DAY took place in July 2014, and this year more than 50 applications were submitted for participation at this concourse, and 8 most perspective projects were selected.


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