Release of the course "Development technologies of enterprise-solutions on Java»: unique experience of cooperation


Release of the course "Development technologies of enterprise-solutions on Java»: unique experience of cooperation

On Wednesday, 2 March 2016, in the Educational Center of High-Tech Park the release of group that studied the course "Development technologies of enterprise-solutions on Java» was held. Training program was formed in the result of cooperation with the company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES", whose developers act as listeners of the course. Administration of the company, faced with the necessity of expansion of java-direction in the work, has decided to train programmers new technology in parallel with the introduction of acquired skills on a real project for the practical problems solution. Seven employees of the company have mastered one more Java-programming language, which is now one of the most popular and high-demand in the world. New direction is always new opportunities.  


"I would like to thank our company and Educational Center of High-Tech Park for the opportunity of studying. Let's hope for the further development and participation in such training programs. It is useful and interesting for me, as a developer, to delve into this subject", — shared one of the course listeners receiving the certificate.
Dmitry Voytik, executive officer of the remote banking systems development of the company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES":
"Java is the most demand back-end platform up to date, and now our employees have become part of a dynamic community of developers. Those employees who have passed the course, did other work projects in parallel, so the studying was sufficiently intense. Since I supervise several people from this group, I can declare with full responsibility that growing progress can be seen - at the moment we can assign them to solve more complex problems. The guys have good technical backgrounds, they work in other languages, they are not green in their job and there are familiar with previous products of the company, we have established all communication processes. So we set a goal to retrain old ones, rather than hiring new workers, it is always more effective and correct approach. The main result is that the release of one of the products, which our company is working at (it is focused on the 300.000th audience and will soon appear on the market) will be held this month. The project we are currently working at is complicated, but we have found the optimal mutually-beneficial solution in this situation: the company is interested in investing in its employees training, and employees are interested in their development as professionals. We are ready to further considering the possibility of not only training or retraining the programmers in order to solve the work problems, but also of maintenance their skills at the appropriate level".
Juliy Slabko, coach of the HTP Educational Center, instructor of the course "Development technologies of enterprise-solutions on Java»: 
"There is no concept of “you have finished studied - you can work a few years” among developers; training is a constant and on-going process for us. Any learning process requires free time to assimilate the learned material and its consolidation in practice. In this regard, the process of studying for ordinary course participants (for example, students who have not main job yet), is more measured: they have more time for the current tasks. I have corrected this process for a group of students from the company " SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES ", by reducing the practical tasks which presupposed the course, because after my studies the developers were engaged in practice anyway - work in the "production" presupposed it, of course. I enjoyed working with this group: in spite of the extremely short terms and high workload on main projects, big progress has been seen. They are motivated to succeed, they love their job, they are focused on achieving goals and getting results. This is a dream of every employer to have such employees. Due to the stringent time frame listeners had to analyze many materials themselves at home - it points to the responsibility of employees and their high motivation to work". 
Vadim Zelenkov, the director of the HTP Educational Center:
"You not often deal with a company that is good corporate citizen, investing in its employees, training them. For us, as an educational center, cooperation with the company " SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES " is an interesting experience: up to now all the programs and the entire educational process, we build upon the disparate audience of listeners, and not upon corporate training. Addressing concrete requests to us, IT-companies create a market for us - and we are pleased to find opportunities to correspond stated requirements, to develop new courses and find new trainers in order to teach at the Center those technologies, that are marketable"..

At present, the Educational Center of High-Tech Park is working over developing and improving educational programs for training specialists in the IT sphere.

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