Spring HR-meeting «Life & Work: Healthy employees’ motivation"


Spring HR-meeting «Life & Work: Healthy employees’ motivation"

When the job requires maximum efficiency and concentration, and stress and time management does not leave time for personal life of employees, there is especially high risk of burning out and serious undermining one’s health. At the same time it is important for the company that the staff retains good work pace and shows high efficiency. That was said under the spring «HR-meeting» «Life & Work Balance: Healthy employees’ motivation" in Minsk on March, 10 by RABOTA.TUT.BY.

Spring HR-meeting by RABOTA.TUT.BY was organized for managers and specialists in the field of HR-management. Recent trends in the work of the official speakers, intelligent discussions – all these were an essential part of the event. HR-meeting attended by HR-managers - the representatives of more than 60 successful companies, developing on Belarusian market.

The case "In one’s land as in paradise" presented Kirol Dmitry, Head of HR-Department of the company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES". Corporate philosophy "Office like home" has been selected as a key principle in the implementation of the idea of "harmony between work and personal life." All the employees are involved in the creation and maintenance of the company's philosophy. The company encourages employees’ initiative as "professionals" and not only in the profession: coworking atmosphere in the office, sports lifestyle, creative fulfillment - these are contributing their effectiveness, in the opinion of the employees themselves. As a result, more than 70% of the employees confirmed that the design ideas and solutions for the organization of office space inspire them to work together, give positive effect on productivity, and in the collective opinion, the company has created all conditions for comfortable work process and rest.

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