“System Technologies” completed rebranding


“System Technologies” completed rebranding

“System Technologies” completed rebranding with change of the trade style of the company, the logotype of the company was changed, a renewed corporate site was launched and a new company’s office was opened.

Копия Логотип СТ РУС.jpg

Convenient and understandable presentation of solutions offered by the company has become one of the tasks of a new corporate site of “System Technologies” Co. Presently, this is multitude of various services: from the banking sphere to retail trade. Several search “routes” were worked out so that visitors of the site could easily find a suitable solution: so, somebody would choose a product by selecting an industry branch for himself/herself, but another person would be guided with specific tasks which should be resolved.


“The corporate site must become not only a renewed on-line business card, but also the face of our company, which continues its activity in a new corporate appearance. Our requirements to the result were most serious, we have travelled a long distance by trying to make the site more attractive, modern and convenient for our customers and partners”, - the Executive Director of “System Technologies” Co. Sergei Kravchenko pointed out. “Today, this is a useful tool for our company worth to be called the corporate site of the biggest supplier of IT solutions, rather than just a page in Internet”.

A peculiar feature of the site is its maximum coverage of user’s interfaces intended for site adaptation. So, for example, it is equally convenient to operate it from smartphones, big monitors or notebooks, but, besides, a special version was worked out for users with IE 6-8 browsers. Exactly these browsers are often installed at working computers in the banking system, and this means that the corporate site of the key supplier of Hi-Tech solutions must effectively work by taking into account these conditions.


On May 15, 2015 a new company’s office was opened. The office is rather unusual – already from the first steps employees and visitors get into the fascinating world of the Belarusian culture. More details see on the page.



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