“System Technologies” has become a participants of «HRPR Camp» conference


“System Technologies” has become a participants of «HRPR Camp» conference

During this event specialists of the company informed about their experience of introduction of the competence control system, as well as they proposes their solution for automation of this system on the basis of the product ST, Personnel. Wages. Human Resources.



The module “Assessment of Competences” makes it possible to:  

  • maintain the base of competences and behavior indicators, as far as hard and soft skills are concerned;
  • create profiles of competences for duties of the organization with amendments for subdivisions;
  • assess competence of an employee by his/her related persons via various communication channels (web-portal, e-mail);
  • evaluate the level of employees’ compliance with the occupied duties by results of the fulfilled assessments;
  • select employees for vacant duties among most suitable competent candidates;
  • provide information to an employee about possible horizontal and vertical growth on the basis of the required and available level of competences.
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    «HRPR Camp» is the exhibition of achievements of science and technology in the field of HR management, organizational communication and HR-branding. Only real cases and examples of introduced projects from HR and PR specialists are presented at the exhibition, as well as managerial know-how by owners and managing companies and newest IT-services and software which allows to make HR management and communication most efficient.


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