The company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES" - the most intelligent IT-company!


The company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES" - the most intelligent IT-company!

The team of "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES" won the 2nd tournament of "What? Where? When?" among IT-companies, which took place on February 18, 2016. The team was invited at full strength to record the game series on “Social National Television” channel.

The tournament was organized with the participation of Elite club "What? Where? When?" in Belarus. Ales Mukhin, the Elite club player, the host of Belarusian television version of "What? Where? When?" held this intellectual elite competition. 18 teams took part in the competition for the title of the most intelligent Belarusian IT-companies.

The tournament was held in three stages: in the first two stages team members had to answer 18 questions. When allotting the marks for the question the number of teams who answered the question and the rating of the question itself were taken into account. 1 minute was given on thinking over the question. Four top teams - "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES", "Itransition", "Necla», «TAUCRAFT LIMITED» took part in the final rounds, which took place according to the "Brain Ring" system.

Our team contended in a tense final with the team of the company «TAUCRAFT LIMITED». The result - the team of the company "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES" – are winners of the tournament. The best player on the total of the tournament was our Sergei Kozlov, who received the Crystal owl from the hands of Ales Mukhin.


The first tournament "What? Where? When?" was held on September 23, 2015 Among the IT companies. The details of holding the first tournament can be found in the material "Intellectual battle of IT-experts".

Congratulations again to the team of "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES" with a wonderful result!


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