The Director General of IT-company: possibly, after a dozen of years we will implant chips to ourselves


The Director General of IT-company: possibly, after a dozen of years we will implant chips to ourselves

On November 19-20, 2014 Minsk will again meet the 11th International Forum for Bank Informational Technologies “BankIT’2014”.

Over 10 years the forum has become the biggest place for business circles for discussion of problems of efficiency improvement in the bank sector on the basis of the use of modern technologies.

Prior to this event a correspondent of the general Internet-partner of the Forum conversed with Alexander Mukhovozchik, the Director General of  “SystemTechnologies” JLLC.


“System Technologies” JLLC is one of the biggest software developers for banking, financial and industrial spheres in Belarus. Software products of the company are aimed at effective solution of key business tasks of customers.

Over 500 highly qualified specialists by all directions of IT-technologies are working in “System Technologies” JLLC. Today and always the most important direction of activities of “System Technologies” JLLC includes the work for establishment in the Republic of Belarus of the all-sufficient IT-industry capable of increasing the economic potential of the country and make it one of the world Hi-Tech centres.

“System Technologies” Co. is a resident of the Park of High Technologies, a member of the scientific and technological association “Infopark”. The company’s clients are the biggest banks and industrial enterprises both on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. 
– Alexander Eugenievich, please tell me, what programming solutions are most demanded among banks, now?

А. Mukhovozchik:  
– It should be understood that different markets exist: the Belarusian market and the world market of the bank industry. Although tendencies at the global market differ, but at the same time they are closely interconnected. At our market all systems, which are in some way connected with comfortable servicing and improvement of clients’ loyalty, are most successful. Various remote channels are also popular, and, of course, CRM-systems which allow to banks to clearer understand with what class of clients they work, and what products are needed for them. Now, this is a very fashionable and popular trend.

The second trend relates to programming solutions which allow to analyze the situation in the bank itself, assess its functioning and they help to choose the proper strategy of development. Besides, systems for budgeting and planning are important, which make it possible for the bank to digitize the way chosen by it for the nearest years.

– And what is interesting at the world market?

– As I already said, the Belarusian and world markets are closely interrelated. Any bank is first of all aimed at increase of the client’s base, cheaper servicing and at the same time growth of its capital. We cannot say that our banks are lagging behind in their development – they pay much attention to investments to their informational development. According to one of the Members of the Board of the Bank of Moscow, a modern bank is an IT-company having the banking license. I cannot, but agree with that. The automation level of all banking transactions is rather high now, informational technologies penetrate deeper to banks.

– Do you think that IT-companies will be able to really compete with banks?

– As a matter of fact, already now banks experience serious pressure from big non-bank companies. New Internet providers appear, as well as international Internet payment systems, electronic money systems, crypto-currencies, etc. Bank activities become more international and fuzzy. Both Internet providers and big suppliers of applications for smartphones, such as AppStore and GooglePlay, seriously influence bank transactions, because quantity of transactions performed in these systems is really fantastic. Presently, banks do not only compete among themselves, but they have to carry out their activities under conditions of formation of new services which are considered traditionally banking, but they can essentially cause impact on the bank segment structure during the nearest three – five years.

– What can be changed in the sphere of informational technologies in future?

– At the present moment a powerful automation impulse can be observed, which after a couple of years will bring essential changes, including the sphere of banking servicing. Formerly, nobody could imagine that payments would be possible from a telephone. But now even a child can pay by several clicks. Global changes occur in approaches of human beings to informational technologies and relations of human beings with the surrounding reality. The essence of home and office are becoming fuzzy, personal lives take place in the on-line mode – many persons are literally living in social networks and communicating there more actively than in their real lives. Payment means are moving in the same direction, and for sure, more advanced technologies will come soon. Possibly, after 10 years special chips will be implanted to people. Trends should thoroughly be followed up.

– What are your expectations regarding the forthcoming 11th International Forum “BankIT’2014”?

– Of course, all participants of the forum hope to once more confirm their places at the market, to present their advance technologies and products on the basis of these technologies to the clients. BankIT is a suitable place for closer communications between customers and suppliers. Personal communication occupies a special niche in the banking sphere which is rather conservative. Here, it is important to pay serious attention to personal contacts and reliability of the company which is represented at the forum.

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