What is an idea!


What is an idea!

CJSC “Idea Bank” has successfully launched the system of distance banking services for its customers, the natural persons of “Idea Bank 24”, developed by the company “System Technologies”. 

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Internet Banking for the natural persons of “Idea Bank 24” opens for its users a wide range of banking services that can be carried out on a twenty-four hour basis using a PC or a mobile device, e.g. checking current account balance, deposit account, loan debt, tracking the history of the carried out operations, including the possibility of making electronic checks, transferring funds from one payment card of “Idea Bank” to another, etc.

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Dmitrij Vojtik, Executive Director of DBS Development of the company “System Technologies”, told us about the new system:

“Internet Banking “Idea Bank 24” was developed on a new technology platform that meets the latest requirements for SDBS”. Bank server is built on a powerful Oracle technology network using the J2EE platform, HTML 5.0 is used for web-server. One of the most significant innovations of the system is a fast full-text search in Directory Information Tree (ERIP) based on the relevance of the user's search query. The Directory Information Tree (ERIP) was worked over and now it is presented in a new convenient form, horizontally appearing list that allows using it most effectively on wide screens of a PC. The undoubted advantage of the system is its adaptive design, thanks to which the system can be used on both the computer and the smart phone or tablet. The desktop consists of adjustable widgets. Each user gets a unique opportunity to adapt their desktops to their requirements and to choose the most essential functions: balances, information on loans and deposits, the most popular payments and others.

We hope that with the introduction of this system the customer service in “Idea Bank” will move to a new qualitative level, as close as possible to European standards. ”

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