Affiliate program

Partnership program of SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES JLLC covers a wide range of tasks in development, implementation, sale of services and products. Expand your business opportunities. Due to unique features and clear market positioning, our products and solutions easily find their customers in every region.

We will be glad to see you among our Partners!

Types of partnerships:

Services Partner

  • provide business consulting and implementation services
  • render services to the client autonomously
  • provide services as a subcontractor jointly with SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES JLLC

Value Added Reseller

  • resell, implement products and solutions of SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES JLLC
  • provide business consulting services based on its deep experience and knowledge of implementation of SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES products and solutions

Strategic Partner

  • provide business consulting services
  • resell and implement services
  • deliver at a global level
  • participate in the development of SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES solutions (delivery of its own configurations or the superstructure above technological base of SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES JLLC)

Other Partner

  • other variants of partnerships

The benefits of partnership program:

  • Marketing support
  • Free training resources
  • Ready-to-use and optimized industry solutions
  • Innovative Solutions Award
Partnership Manager
Darya Makhanova
Velcom : +375296812900
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Partnership Manager
Darya Makhanova
Velcom : +375296812900