Funds and Material Resources


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Funds and Material Resources – is effective support for the bank's internal accounting.  

Subsystem provides the employee with access to the necessary reporting and transaction log, helps to search for the necessary data using several tools, as well as to perform operations with various objects and maintain their accounting. 

The software complex operates according to the modular principle, which allows you to support the performance of certain operations in accordance with the requirements of accounting and personnel accounting necessary for obtaining reports, which are established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. 

The subsystem structure includes: 

  • Accounting of fixed assets; 
  • Accounting of intangible assets; 
  • Accounting for future expenses; 
  • Storage of samples of documents; 
  • Inventory accounting; 
  • Internal and international audit; 
  • Accounting of economic contracts; 
  • Inventory; 
  • Accounting of literature.  
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Subsystem provides: 

  • Maintaining complex facilities with complete configuration, sources of acquisition, technical condition and repair history; 
  • Calculation of depreciation, accounting for modernization and carrying out revaluation of fixed assets by various methods; 
  • Centralized accounting of objects in the context of counterparties, accounts, groups, material-responsible persons, departments, users, locations; 
  • Accounting of the movement of objects between branches, warehouses and material-responsible persons with preservation of the history of movements and changes; 
  • Accounting of business contracts and control of their financial execution with payment calculation; 
  • Parallel accounting of property, plant and equipment and intangible assets under IFRS; 
  • Creation of registers, inventory lists, statements, acts and other corporate reports in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and local acts of the bank; 
  • Printing of documents on strict reporting forms (Consignment note, Commodity-transport consignment note) with automatic data generation; 
  • Storage and viewing of document samples related to subsystem accounting objects.
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