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HR & Payroll means complex automation of personnel accounting, wages and taxes calculation, as well as high quality organization of human resources processes in the bank or in a company in full compliance with the existing legislation.

The program supports work with HR of a specific subsidiary or in a system on the whole, control of personnel movement between branches, there is an opportunity of receiving the summarized reports, calculation of wages, bonuses, allowances, the 13th salaries, leaves, sick lists, document-wise account of group transactions, as well as account of attendance records and tax incentives. A book accountant can create and adjust new types of charges and exemptions.


      For managers

    • Control of setting any salaries, allowances, bonuses;
    • Operative information viewing for movements of employees between subdivisions and branches;
    • Analysis of information on contracts, service records, employees` education, penalties and bonuses, planned leaves, probation periods ends.

      For specialists of subdivisions

    • Group transactions for movement of employees, salaries changes, interest for service records;
    • Quick performance of transactions for settlement of advance payments, bonuses and other intermediate payments;
    • Wages settlement, withdrawal and recalculation of ;
    • Operative execution of the required reports.

Modules of the system:

  • Wages accounting;
  • HR;
  • Attendance records accounting;
  • Manning table;
  • Personified accounting;
  • Reports for the inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Charges;
  • Orders;
  • Business trips accounting;
  • Assessment by competences;
  • Life and pension insurance;
  • Analytics by composition and movement of the personnel;
  • Integration channel with the HR subsystem;
  • HR reserve;
  • Statistical reports;
  • Analytics by expenditures for personnel;
  • Regulations and instructions;
  • WEB portal by HRs;
  • Recruiting.

One of the modules of the system`s modules HR & Payroll includes “KPI assessment” module which is intended for establishment of the managerial informational system for data collection and assessment of the work by the personnel and the whole company, as well as substantiated material incentives for employees.


    • Account of the existing KPI indicators of information collection principles about an index, types of accounting data and impact on results of activities by employees;
    • Provision of statistical reports on the basis of all data available in the subsystem;
    • Establishment of KPI profiles for bank employees;
    • Information provision about KPI indicators for bank employees during a reported month;
    • Possible data actualization for calculation of indicators, as well as orders for manual assessments for selected employees;
    • Provision of historical data by KPI indicators for employees;
    • Description of individual assessment cards for employees with histories by effectiveness indicators.
“SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES ” also offers expert tracking of “KPI Assessment” module introduction which stipulates close methodological cooperation with the customer for the issues of proper setting of development business processes and assessment of key indicators of efficiency and guidance of the pilot and commercial module launching.
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