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Shafa is an organization's document storage system that provides the full lifecycle of a document: from appearance in the organization to archival storage and destruction.

The system allows you to store, search, digitize paper documents and save resources, while preserving the legal significance of the documents. Shafa will complement your electronic document management system and provide centralized document storage and management.


      Shafa is ideal for storing documents in electronic form. The system will save and organize images of paper documents.


Storage of any documents: 

  • Documents with the attach files; 
  • Electronic documents (meeting the requirements of the Law "On Electronic Document and Electronic Digital Signature");
  • Documents in electronic form;
  • Documents with attach files;
...and any files that are submitted as an official document.


You can import documents from any enterprise system into the Shafa system. Shafa can become a single aggregation point for documents and store them in the required nomenclature. For example, you can save all the documents on a client, counterparty, or partner in one dossier (case).  

When saving an object in the system, its type is specified. Each document type assumes a set of unique attributes that are required to be filled in or specified. In the future, you can filter and search by attributes.

Shafa ensures the integrity of the contents of each document, which ensures archival storage in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. 

Archivist's workplace in Shafa:

  • Determination and tracking of the deadline for the destruction of cases in accordance with the articles on the list of documents, taking into account the inspections of regulatory authorities;
  • Maintaining a separate classifier for archival storage;
  • Restricting employee access to archived documents;
  • Issuance of archive files for viewing after approval on the request of the employee;
  • Uploading data for verifying a copy of the ED (internal representation, EDS, certificate).

  • Shafa can work on free Linux and on free PostgreSQL;
  • Shafa provides audit, activity feed, by users, by accounting objects, and role-based access settings;
  • Shafa allows you to independently configure the necessary classification scheme for storing documents, case structures, and reference books.
We can deploy the Shafa system in a basic configuration in one business day. The system is ready for implementation and contains a "boxed version": import of any documents from any system, three roles (performer, manager, archivist), work with EDS.

      You can contact us to get a trial version of Shafa by writing to the mail

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