Performance Management


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The system for coverage of banks` requirements of in Performance Management, as well as for provision of the summarized information about bank activities management.

Advantages of the system

    • The product is based on the solid methodological foundation of companies Ernst&Young and Zeb/Rolfes.Schierenbeck.Associates, adapted for specific banking business of CIS states;
    • The product ensures full transparency and control at all stages of the financial management cycle in the bank and creates conditions for unique understanding of financial results at the level of all structural divisions of the bank;
    • The product ensures stability and repeatability of results by minimizing the human factor during preparation of managerial information and substantiation of managerial solutions.

System`s modules

The system consists of several modules:

Performance management

The product is intended for receiving the substantiated and quick responses to key issues of the financial management:

  • What impact do specific managerial decisions cause on bank activities results?
  • Do actual results coincide with the preset goals? What are the reasons of deviations?
  • What are market segments and products where the bank earns (how much?), and where it loses (how much?) money?
  • What is the contribution by specific units, branches, human beings to the total result?
  • What bank products are most successful from the financial point of view?
  • How much does the bank earn on each specific client?
  • Can a specific client be offered special conditions for bank products and services by taking into account the whole complex of relations with this client?
  • What is the self-cost (standard cost) of products and bank services? What is the real cost of products and bank services (as compared with self-cost)?
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