Regulatory reporting

System developed for banks to collect, process and provide information

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Regulatory reporting is mean the system intended for coverage of requirements of banks as far as collection, procession and provision of information is concerned. The product provides “Quick Start” to projects for construction of the reporting and analytical system based on the corporate data storage, it makes it possible to make the foundation of the single informational space of the bank and to feel benefits of using the corporate data storage.


    • The product ensures essential reduction of labour expenses for preparation and provision of reports as compared with the traditional method;
    • The product ensures full transparency and control at all stages of the information preparation process for the National Bank;
    • The product ensures stability and repeatability of results by minimizing the human factor;
    • The product maintains effective interaction of bank specialists and regulator representatives within the frameworks of complex inspections of bank activities.

Licensing objects

    • The model of primary data essential and sufficient for formation of reports;
    • The model of financial and economic indicators in accordance with the requirements;
    • Rules of transforming the initial data about transactions of the bank to a set of financial and economic indicators in accordance with the valid standards and regulations;
    • Standard interfaces for transfer of final reports.


    • Maintenance and flexible adjustment of classifiers of reporting articles;
    • Adjustment of the procedure of the initial data grouping by reporting articles;
    • Grouping of the initial data;
    • Concentration of initial data at the level of contracts and transactions with additional and analytical features;
    • Possible autonomous maintenance of information about insiders and related persons;
    • Provision of interfaces for autonomous loading of extra data;
    • Formation of reporting forms in accordance with the requirements;
    • Possible detailed analysis of reporting articles;
    • Interface for introduction of adjusted reporting which are prepared manually;
    • Interface for input of comments to reporting positions;
    • Mechanisms of separation of intragroup turnovers and their exclusion from consolidated reports;
    • Transfer of the reported data by special channels stipulated for sending the reports.
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