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The Core Banking Consumer concentrates automation of the whole spectrum of bank transactions which could be demanded during sales or services rendering for clients – physical persons means deposits, credits, transactions with plastic cards, transfers, payments, currency exchange. Being so, the full automation cycle is fulfilled by all directions of the bank activities in the sector of clients servicing. Also, the system allows to analyze the current activity and to form prognosis indicators by providing the bank management with the required managerial information.

Advantages of the system

    • The system is implemented on the DBMS Oracle platform, and it is intended for operation with big data volumes;
    • The safety and auditing system complies with the safety standards of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;
    • Well-developed means of interactions with different external systems: credit document circulation, processing centres, Call Center, CRM, etc.;
    • Full compliance with the legislation of RB.

Modules of Core Banking Consumer

The system consists of the following modules:
Core Banking Consumer 


    • Provision of safety and adjustment of main logical objects of the subsystem, reference books, single file of clients, a component of accounts and accounting;
    • Account of “deposit” transactions: opening and replenishment of deposits, interest calculation, full or partial withdrawal of a deposit;
    • Partial transfer of a part of a deposit between client’s accounts, transfer to another bank, interest withdrawal, interest transfer between client’s account in the bank, deposit withdrawal;
    • Servicing of clients by crediting transactions and fulfillment of such functions as execution of a credit agreement, formation of a schedule of payments, calculation of interest, account of repayment of crediting indebtedness, etc.;
    • Performance of transactions for emission of plastic cards, execution of cards-accounts, account of overdrafts to cards-accounts;
    • Performance of transactions for sales, purchase and conversion of currencies, sale and purchase of payment documents;
    • Getting all required forms of accounting provided to the National Bank, as well as individual analytical reports;
    • Acceptance of communal and other payments on the basis of registered agreements with companies, including on the basis of electronic payment orders;
    • Acceptance of payments without account opening, such as international transfers, transfers from another bank or autonomous branch, transfers for various payment systems;
    • Procession by lists of transfer to accounts or debiting from accounts;
    • Account of permanent payment orders and debiting of funds from clients’ accounts to transfers between clients` accounts for credit debt repayment.
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