Marketing Management


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The Marketing Management System possesses an innovation approach to management of marketing communications: fulfillment of multistage and multichannel marketing campaigns which fully comply with omnichannel character of clients servicing.

Advantages of the system

    • Reduction of expenditures due to remote servicing of clients;
    • Integration with various communication channels;
    • Designing, planning and control of all strategies of relationship with clients in one environment;
    • Use of business processes for campaign design;
    • Regional or centralized promotion of banking products;
    • Automated process of campaign approval, control of campaign;
    • Management of fulfillment priority and control of responsibility;
    • Storage of history of fulfilled campaigns. Full history of interactions with a client and provision of data from various angles;
    • Operative obtaining of results and control of marketing processes in the bank on the whole;
    • Availability of powerful administration tools.

Purpose of the system

Marketing Management 

The system provides access to a wide range of transactions:

  • It offers a kit for design of E-forms of client applications for products and services and their publication in remote channels of self-servicing;
  • It provides the analysis of events and launch of system actions (reactions) by adjusted triggers of business processes of the bank in the on-line mode;
  • It ensures the “omnichannel” concepts for the bank due to integration with electronic channels. The management system for marketing campaigns provides a set of tools for formation of users’ samplings (segments for campaigns) on the basis of data marts, samplings may be stored in the product and used many times in planed campaigns.
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