Order Placement & Workflow


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The Order Placement&Workflow system allows to work with receiving and processing the orders of clients of any category: a physical person, an individual entrepreneur, micro, macro, middle, corporate clients. The products takes into account specificity of every segment in functionality of management.

The system covers the following processes:

    • Orders management processes which were published in self-servicing and remote service channels;
    • Acceptance of credit orders and check of the credit applicant in the information service of bank safety;
    • Check of the credit history for clients in the crediting bureau of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus who applied for receiving the crediting product;
    • Check of clients by the List of limitations about available negative information about a client, examination of “the non-desirability level” in the system conferred to the client;
    • Scoring assessment of the client;
    • Credit order procession by forming a credit file and approval of an order by responsible structural departments;
    • Conclusion of a credit agreement;
    • Tracking of a credit transaction in Collection.

Purpose of the system


The system provides an access to a wide range of transactions:

  • The use of the single client base makes it possible to form and accept applications for banking products in any channels and from any types of clients segments;
  • It provides tools for verification of a client, analysis of his/her crediting history and check in the list of limitations for availability of any illegal actions;
  • It provides tools for management of documents circulation;
  • It provides operation and individual adjustment of various types of credits – mortgage, consumer credit;
  • It has flexible adjustments in relation to the type of clients;
  • Scoring in the OPW product makes it possible to automate agreements for the process of decision taking with risk managers, make a prognosis on creditworthiness of future credit receivers;
  • It provides the bank with a complex of processes by orders to the state safety service for additional reliability control;
  • It provides the bank with the debt procession functions with various periods of delay.
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