Payment by installments


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Payment by installments is a system which stipulates synthetic and analytical account of transactions for installments and repayment installments.

Advantages of the system

      For a seller

    • increase of clients flow and respective growth of proceeds;
    • customers who use the credit, as a rule, become regular clients;
    • credit contributes to the fact that consumers buy goods and services, which would otherwise been done without, if not the credit;
    • customers who use the credit spend more money;
    • credit sales of products require less efforts for production distribution;
    • customers using the credit try to buy highest quality products.

      For a customer

    • purchase of the needed product just at once, i.e. at the moment of the highest urgency;
    • credit purchase or purchase by installments protects from possible price rising in future;
    • credit purchase or purchase by installments is not “pressing” the customer`s budget too much, because payments are distributed for a long period.

Modules of the system


After implementation you get:

  • Growth of the sales volume;
  • Better customer loyalty;
  • Formation of the single client base;
  • High-quality solutions for creditworthiness of purchasers without employment of expensive employees;
  • Short time for decision-taking;
  • Standardization and transparency of business-processes;
  • Possible execution of various reports;
  • Control of sales processes, accounting and monitoring of deals;
  • Automatic formation of contracts;
  • Possible reuse of information;
  • Integration with various systems.
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