Sales & Customer Service Management

Sales & Customer Service Management OF RETAIL AND CORPORATE SEGMENT

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The Sales and Customer Service Management Product was offered to the market in 2005. The complex system recommended itself as a solution which contributes to bank business development and servicing of customers in the Bank service centres and the Contact Center.

Advantages of the system

Sales & Customer Service Management


Product function:

  • Business profitability improvement and its steady growth maintenance enables the bank to fulfill these tasks thanks to the increased customer’s base, support of cross sale processes of products for various market segments, as well as reduction of self-cost processes service due to their standardization.
  • Quick reaction to market inquiries – the reaction to market changes is possible with systematic monitoring of clients’ preferences and requirements in banking products. Sales and Customer Service Management offers tools for management of “potential deals”, which make it possible to promptly offer the bank product for the client in compliance with his/her requirements and inquiries.
  • “Capitalization “ of the client base loyalty – product enables the bank to convert adherence by clients to financial growth indicators. Involvement of new customers is always a more expensive process than the work with current customers, therefore upkeep of dynamics of positive relations prepares a foundation for development of product cross sales. These cross sales improve profitability with the retained level of expenditures for servicing of the clients’ base.
  • Maintenance of groups of clients – in case of the classic provision of the client base interconnections are not traced between them, impact of some clients onto others cannot be determined, as all data about customers are autonomous. This can be corrected if the bank determines connections between customers and keeps the history of formation and development of business groups.
  • Management of relations with potential customers is a methodology of upkeep of potential customers which is based on study of world practices of loyalty management.
  • Higher service quality with the optimized expenditures is ensured owing to provision of the single access for bank employees to the full client’s profile, settlement of servicing orders are optimized. All aspects of contacts with clients are retained in the history of interactions with the bank, this allows to look through similar applications of clients or to operatively find the information which may be helpful in settlement of client’s order for servicing.
  • Management of the single register of products – bank products participate in numerous processes of sales and services for clients, analysis of the client base, servicing processes, that is why it is important to provide the centralized use of data about bank products with various systems.
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