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B-Client offers convenient in work and 100% electronic workflow for corporate bank clients.
This is a reliable and highly productive system for remote control of bank accounts of big corporate bank clients.

System advantages

      For bank business:

    • Remote service for clients and reduction of expenses;
    • New channel of product selling;
    • Higher loyalty to the bank of corporative clients;
    • Full coverage of legal entities (from big corporate clients to private entrepreneurs).

      For legal entities

    • Usual operation tool: the system of electronic payments Client-Bank;
    • Convenient interface: simple navigation by the system, fulfillment of frequent transactions in few clicks;
    • High system capacity: work with a big volume of documents.

Functionality of the system

B-Client maintains the whole range of transactions used by corporate clients for remote control of accounts and document workflow with the bank, as well as it provides high speed of processing of a big volume of documents, what is important for big corporate clients.

  • Possibility of independent installation of the system. A bank client represented by a legal entity is given a setup disk and a system user’s manual with a detailed instruction. System setup may locally be carried out at one computer or in the network configuration;
  • Updates are received from the bank by means of E-mail. When a B-Client is changed the bank update is sent to the client by E-mail and it may automatically be set up;
  • Control of access for various groups of users. A bank client independently controls roles, rights of access to information, to possibility of viewing and approval of electronic documents. A client’s administrator independently sets up system users for fulfillment of various roles, as well as their rights for access to information and rights of signing;
  • Receiving any statements of accounts, applications to statements and reference information;
  • Simple execution of a new payment document. At the stage of document execution in order to control correct and complete filling in the columns and compliance with reference books automatic preliminary control is performed. A formerly created order can be saved as a reference which can further be used as the basis for regularly repeated payments and applications;
  • Convenient work with executed orders to B-Client. A filter of orders, search for orders formed on a certain date make it possible to look through the list of documents according to parameters chosen by the user;
  • All types of payments for work of legal entities.  Payments in all currencies, documents for currency control, corporate cards, various electronic documents, accompanying operations by clients (statements, notifications, lists, applications, registers, data, questionnaires, references);
  • New scanning function. he user can scan an application to an electronic document directly in B-Client. The already scanned file is kept with the optimal resolution by making it possible to comfortably work with documents on many pages;
  • Reference books for convenient operation in the system.  The user gets wide opportunities of operation with various reference books: accounts, banks, currency, payments details, etc. Reference books facilitate the payment fulfillment process and they are automatically renewed during exchange of inquiries with the bank;
  • High level of operation safety and exchange of inquiries with the bank. The B-Client provides confidentiality and integrity of payment documents which are sent to the bank by means of a ciphering library and an electronic signature, as well as organization of access with help of a personal electronic key. The crypto-security system is used in the program for information protection;
  • Confirmed reliability of MailBank system.  The system includes software for implementation of the process of client’s electronic payment documents execution and the process of client’s electronic payment documents reproduction on a paper carrier. This software has certificates of compliance with the technical regulation requirements issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;
  • User friendly interface in the Microsoft Office Ribbon-panel style. Horizontal location of the menu, possibility of interface choice by the user: classic menu of electronic payments system, new style.
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