Digital monitoring

Processing and aggregating events in digital services and displaying metrics required for online tracking

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Digital monitoring is a system that processes events in digital services, aggregates information, makes the necessary calculations, and outputs metrics required for tracking online. 

The system can work with any remote service systems with which customers, employees, partners interact. Digital monitoring is a necessary element for building the foundation of the bank's digital platform, providing a high-level assessment of its state. 

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  1. Online mode. Digital monitoring provides calculation and display of indicators of the bank's digital platform immediately after implementation of the action in real time; 
  2. Analysis of business metrics of digital business. Tracking the performance of remote banking systems based on real data on operations in digital channels allows you to track the implementation of target metrics and make quick decisions today; 
  3. Analysis of security metrics and IT. The bank's IT service is able to configure its own events, system reactions and notifications to quickly respond to atypical situations and monitor the dynamics of errors; 
  4. Gets the system in the base configuration. The remote banking system IB2 production "SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES" is already ready to work with monitoring.

Our company provides expertise on working with digital business metrics. We develop our digital services and remote banking system products, as well as we are ready to help you set up metrics based on our experience and relevant for your bank.
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