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myBank is an internet-application of a new generation for remote servicing of clients in any point of the world and by using any device. This system allows to a bank client (a physical person) to perform all listed financial transactions, and it opens new opportunities for adjustment of the own working desk with widgets, extended analytics concerning personal finances in a convenient and attractive interface.

System benefits

    • Adaptive design. External interface of the application is adapted to the screen of the used appliance (PC, note-book, tablet) and it automatically makes own profile for it;
    • Modern user’s interface. The application design has been worked out so that all most important operations for the user are performed by a few clicks;
    • The use of application in any location if connection with the Internet network is available; Operation safety in the system. 3-level information protection authentication, authentication code entering for access to fulfillment of transactions, mobile SMS code for confirmation of new transactions);
    • Operation safety of the system. 3-level information protection authentication, authentication code for access to transactions, mobile SMS code for confirmation of new transactions).  

Functionality of the system

The system provides access to a wide range of transactions:



  • Unique system of widgets on a working desk. A user may independently adjust his/her working desk: add widgets, adjust their contents, change their location, colour;   
  • Convenient bank account statement along with a list of transactions. A user may look through a bank account statement during fixed and optional periods along with representation of transactions in the chronological order;
  • Convenient performance of any payments for physical persons. A user may fulfill numerous banking transactions: payments by means of the ERIP tree of services, quick repetition of saved payment models, fulfillment of a group of payments by “one click”;
  • Adjustment and tracking of automatic payments. A bank client is provided with an opportunity to adjust a timetable for his/her payments. The system will automatically fulfill them at the onset of the indicated date during the indicated period;
  • Transfers between own cards and to cards of clients. A user can get access to transfers between his/her cards and to any card of a bank client in a single and in various currencies;
  • Full information for credits, accounts and deposits. A user can get access to the full information about all banking products: credits, accounts, deposits. A user can check the state of the contract, current interest rate, the amount of payment for credit, the amount of accrued interest by deposits and get a statement for each product;
  • Opening of an on-line deposit. In order to open an on-line deposit a client does not need to go to a bank department, just only few steps should be undertaken in the system and the deposit will automatically be opened;
  • Financial calendar. A convenient tool for payments planning, provision of the own events and receipt of reminds;
  • Detailed survey of personal finances. Functional capacities are extended for viewing the personal finances: viewing the dynamics of replenishment and calculation of interest by a deposit agreement, dynamics of balances by contracts, review of personal finances on the current date – in different currencies with possible application of a filter. The required widgets for review of finances can be placed on the user’s working desk;
  • Reference information. myBank provides an opportunity for a user to get acquainted with actual currency exchange rates, to look through his/her card with pointed out addresses, working schedules of bank branches, ATMs of the bank in its partners. Viewing and retention of a check is possible for any payment made within the remote business education system;
  • Interaction with the bank. Possibility of contacts with a bank employee in a chat session (integration with Contact Center systems), correspondence of a client with the bank via incoming and outgoing messages. Sending of special offers to clients within the frameworks of advertising campaigns.
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