Type of digital bank without physical branches and paper circulation

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Neobank is a new type of bank that is completely digital, without physical branches and paper circulation. This business model represents financial, banking services in which the bank positions itself as an IT company. 

Neobank can independently obtain a bank license, or exist on the basis of one of the physical banks, buying wholesale services from the licensed financial institution and selling them to its clients. In addition, provides convenient interaction with customers and the foreign exchange market. 


      • For a traditional bank: expansion of banking services for niche customers: students, freelancers, newcomers, expats; Expansion of business boundaries at the expense of combined products on international banks of the same group;
      • For insurance, retail, forex: providing additional services to its customers in the field of retail within the ecosystem, enriching its experience; 
      • For MFI, telecom, payment service providers: scaling up their business model, possibility to obtain a bank license. 



      • Lack of turns; 
      • Minimization of maintenance costs; 
      • Availability to clients; 
      • Personal approach; 
      • Easy onboarding of the client without visiting the department; 
      • Access to bank products from mobile phone - exchange of currencies, transfers, payments, loans, deposits; 
      • Mechanisms of artificial intelligence; 
      • Flexible approach for each customer; 
      • Use an extended set of customer information (essential smartphone role) to improve the comfort of using banking tools; 
      • Self-sufficient banking product.люди и техника.jpg
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