ST. Factoring

The software complex, which automates the full cycle of transactions in the bank

Non-bank credit and financial organizations IT infrastructure

Factoring is a type of funding for the supplying enterprise when the products are sold on deferred payment terms, in which unpaid debt claims arising between the supplying enterprise and the buyer are assigned to a third party: factor.

Software complex ST.Factoring automates the full cycle of factoring operations, the transmission of the results of factoring operations performed and the exchange of documents with clients of the bank or financial institution.


  • For the bank: banks are rewarded for providing factoring services as a factor;
  • For the legal entity-supplying the products: the Supplier receives the funds directly after the products shipment (and concede the right of the requirement to the factor) when factoring is applied. This factoring scheme is relevant, when the seller trusts the buyer and there is no point in reinsuring against the risks of non-payment;
  • For the legal entity-buyer of the products: the buyer may apply to the factor (bank) to obtain reverse factoring services in case, then the buyer is interested in delivery and the Seller of the products is not ready to release it with a large delay of payment.

Key features of our solution

    • Opportunity of factor to make flexible configuration of factoring product for offering to customers;
    • Complete automation of electronic document exchange between legal entity and factor (bank). Documents are signed by EDS in the Internet bank of legal entities;
    • Automation of factoring operations accounting in ABS.

Scheme of factoring

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