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Custody system is a centralized, integrated and multibranch system intended for account of depositing activity. Main functions of the system include consolidating account of all clients and securities, depositing (accounting and administrative) transactions, as well as receiving the summarized reporting forms.

Advantages of the system

    • Introduction and proper maintenance of securities reference books and issues of securities emitted on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
    • Introduction of general reference data;
    • Introduction and actual maintenance of clients` file;
    • Maintenance of accounting registers (registers of primary documents, agreements, instructions for securities receiving, maintenance of depot accounts);
    • Calculation of dividends and formation of documents connected with their payments;
    • The valid system of control and monitoring of emerging risks;
    • Fulfillment of group depositing transactions, including receipt of registers of securities owners for servicing and/or repayment of securities issues;
    • Ensuring of information confidentiality by means of differentiation of access rights for different categories of users (groups of users);
    • Administration;
    • Data export.

Modules of the system

Custody system includes the following main modules:


  • Access to any custody object (securities, issue of securities, client’s file, depot account, etc.) is determined by availability of respective user access rights;
  • Openness of the system allows to be operatively adapted to work with minimum expenses due to changes in the legislation, specific character of accounting work, etc.;
  • The product has the effectively valid system of control and monitoring of emerging risks;
  • Modules of the Custody system product is functioning in the single informational and technological space. Having mastered the general skills the user may work with any module, and each module will be acknowledged and simple for understanding;
  • The user interface is easily adjustable for customer’s needs (types, size and location of windows, colours, etc.).
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