The system of company’s production and financial performance planning

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ST.Budget is a system of company’s production and financial performance planning by making up the total Budget based on budgets of separate departments. The system assists in costs and financial results optimization.

ST.Budget Functionality

    • Creation of organization’s financial structure model as a hierarchy of related budgets;
    • Preparation, consideration and approval of budget items;
    • Identifying financial capacity and financial needs on every organizational structure level through requests formation;
    • Data consolidation on different levels and by different sections;
    • Total information support of Financial Management;
    • Saving and further implementation control of approved budget plan.

Areas of application


Advantages of ST.Budget implementation:

  • System adaptation to specific character of company’s budgeting process without IT-specialists involvement;
  • Possibility to predict company’s financial results as well as results of separate departments in short-, middle- and long-term perspective and taking into consideration the risk factor;
  • Minimization of risks while implementation of system and adaptation of users by means of access rights differentiation and Excel-like data presentation;
  • Automatic data consolidation mechanism with no loss or perversity risks, interaction with reporting composition systems;
  • Ability of multicurrency budgeting and management accounting currency usage;
  • Transparent audit and budgeting process control by Top-Management and Financial Management;
  • Wide usage opportunities – arranging of any relevant data collection and planning process.

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