Wealth Management


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The Wealth Management system allows to effectively carry out wealth management of grantors’ assets and to realize, whose monetary resources, in what amount and where they were invested.


    • Formation and maintenance of the grantors’ file;
    • Keeping of the register of wealth management agreements, including automatic drawing up of wealth management agreement and a trust account agreement;
    • Opening/closure for grantors of wealth management accounts and their tracking for the period of agreements of validity;
    • Fixing of grantors` orders and provision of control over their fulfillment, keeping of the register of grantors` orders;
    • Formation and fulfillment of balance and out-of-balance accounting entries;
    • Automatic performance of transactions for reassessment and change of currency difference, fair property value in wealth management;
    • Formation of reports regulated in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus for wealth management.

Modules of the system

The Wealth Management system includes the following modules:

Wealth Management
 *IWM – individual wealth management.

Features of the wealth management system:

  • Informational safety and auditing;
  • System administration (differentiation of access rights for various categories of users);
  • Automatic performance of reassessment transactions and change of currency difference;
  • The product is centralized and integrated. Consolidated accounting of all grantors and transactions with them, receipt of summarized reporting forms;
  • Openness of the product allows to operatively be adapted to operation with minimum expenditures due to changes in the legislation, specific character of accounting work, etc.;
  • The product has the valid control and monitoring system for emerging risks;
  • Product modules are functioning in the single informational and technological space.
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