Industrial Enterprise


Enterprises Industrial automation

The system “Industrial Enterprise” is a flexible and powerful product, which covers practically all spheres of an industrial enterprise`s activity, it allows to organize the single informational system for accounting the financial and economic activity and enterprise management.

Advantages of the system

    • For company`s management – opportunities for analyses, planning and company’s resources management;
    • For divisions`s heads, for employees directly engaged in production, sales, supply and other activities – these tools improve efficiency of day-to-day work;
    • For employees of the book accounting office, accounting services of the enterprise – automated accounting in accordance with requirements of the legislation and company’s standards.

Purpose of system establishment

      Improvement of management quality by providing to the enterprise`s management and personnel a set of unified automation units for accounting transactions performance, formation of reports, control of the production state, its analysis, planning and forecasting.

Automation trends

    • Regulated accounting  

      Maintenance principles are defined in the legislation. Rules for execution of this accounting, requirements to the data structure, formation of reports are common for all enterprises (taking into account the activity specifics). The basis of the regulated accounting is a plan of accounts.

    • Managerial accounting

      It is built according to corporate rules worked out according to the rules worked out inside the enterprise, and it is intended for receiving the data required for business process management. Managerial accounting is actually informational support of company`s management, it is mainly intended for the internal use. It is intended to help Chief officer in operative decision taking.

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