Payroll & HR

Right now, the program counts wages for more than 80,000 employees across Belarus

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Payroll & HR is a qualitative automation of personnel accounting, payroll and taxes, as well as the establishment of personnel processes within the organization in full compliance with the current legislation.

The program is able to analyze large volumes of information qualitatively, which allows to automate the data calculation system and internal organizational processes. Payroll & HR performs analysis of the organizational structure of the enterprise, implements personnel policy, payroll calculation and other payments, forms the necessary reports. 

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Payroll & HR is:

  • Large experience. The system entered the market of software products for automation of personnel processes with simultaneous maintenance of financial flows and tax reporting in 2000 year;
  • Trust of clients. Today the subsystem is used by every second bank of the Republic of Belarus, non-bank credit and financial institutions, as well as enterprises of RUE "PA Belorusneft";
  • Reliability. Our solution successfully processes data arrays containing 50 to 21,000 accounting objects on a single database.


      • Functioning in the form of automated workstations with configurable authority sharing;
        • Supports certain operations and easily integrates with other subsystem modules;
          • Mechanisms are provided for receiving and transmitting information from the field to the central database;
            • Reliable means of information protection;
              • More than 700 reports, including mandatory, corporate and analytical reporting;
                • System for viewing and searching information with the possibility of grouping any complexity, analysis and detailed display of information;
                  • Possibility of data synchronization with any personnel, accounting and other systems;
                    • Supports AVEST and ENIGMA cryptographic modules.

                      Payroll & HR provides the possibility to connect any set of functionality depending on the needs of the client.

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