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The SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES company was the first in Belarus to implement the Open API project in accordance with the Payment API Standard!


Today, banks of the Republic of Belarus are actively introducing open payment APIs into their daily activities. This is an important step to increase efficiency and profitability, improve the customer experience by offering new digital services and products. To accelerate the process of digital transformation the National Bank has made it mandatory to implement Open API in accordance with the Payment API Standard 6.02-1-2022 “Banking. Information Technology. Open banking APIs. Payment APIs. Specification”.

SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES as an expert in this field is the first development company in Belarus, to implement Open API in accordance with the requirements of the Payment API Standard. Belgazprombank OJSC was the customer of this development. As part of the project, integration interaction with the centralized authorization server of the Interbank Identification System was implemented, and the processes of obtaining account information and initiating payments were set up in full compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

This implementation was a logical continuation of the draft legislation on open payment banking APIs developed earlier by SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES*.

Representatives of Belgazprombank OJSC demonstrated their professionalism and high qualifications at all stages of joint work. Involvement and organisation of the bank’s employees contributed to the most efficient implementation of the project.

As a result of such close cooperation between our company and the bank, 11 schemes and more than 20 artifacts were developed in detail, the remote banking system was finalized, and technical documentation was written in OpenAPI format, which is presented in a convenient form both for fintech companies wishing to connect to open banking and for the bank itself.

Thanks to the experience of SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES in open payment banking APIs and a responsible approach to solving tasks, the project was realized in record-breaking time. The development was carried out using modern technological approaches and has a high level of security. At the moment, the project is at the stage of pilot operation with a fintech company – the bank’s partner.


The SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES company is actively developing the open software interfaces direction in all its current and future fintech solutions using its accumulated expertise. In parallel with the development of Open API in Belgazprombank, similar projects are underway in other banks of the Republic of Belarus.

Besides, our company works not only with standardized Open APIs, but also with any other types of APIs, including product APIs. Many years of experience, successful cases and trust of clients make SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES a reliable partner.


*In 2021, by order of the Confederation of Digital Business, the SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES company implemented the draft Payment API Standard using open payment banking APIs. Subsequently, the National Bank approved the final document based on the project. Now the text of the Payment API Standard is officially published on the National Bank’s website as a legislative act.

Since the publication of the document, the implementation of Open API has become mandatory and, thanks to the development of SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES, uniform, which greatly simplifies the process of connecting to open payment banking APIs for all participants in the payment system of Belarus.


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