Development on Java platform

Development of custom software

Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) is a widely used platform that contains the set of interchangeable technologies describing the server platform architecture for tasks at middle- and large-scale enterprises. Java EE platform is a mature product that is usually used for projects of corporate class.

At the same time the market becomes more diverse as the free software suppliers and associations create innovative and specialized platforms for the support of modern apps demands. Currently the Java developers prefer to use a wide range of easy frameworks as Spring, Play Framework and etc.

JEE Advantages:



    • Middleware;
    • Software created with usage of microservers infrastructure;
    • Reactive apps;
    • Integrational solutions (EAI, SOA, ESB, BPM, Messaging, B2B);
    • Enterprise Portals Development;
    • Realization of API for other services;
    • Data Warehouse Development;
    • Business Intelligence Development;
    • Business-processes management systems;
    • Regulatory and support information management systems (Master Data Management - MDM);
    • Applied Business-applications.


    • Standards formalization;
    • Projecting and modelling;
    • Development;
    • Installation and implementation;
    • Technical support;
    • Modernization and modification of existing software.

Technologies and software on which the services are based:

  • Application Servers: JEE: Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, JRun, Tomcat, etc.;
  • Data storage media (Persistence): Relational - Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL NoSQL - MongoDB, Cassandra, HDFS;
  • Reporting systems: Oracle BI EE (Answers, Dashboard), Oracle Reports, Oracle BI Publisher, JasperReports;
  • Middleware: JBOSS ESB, Mule ESB, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle BPM;
  • Business applications: Oracle e-Business Suite, Hyperion;
  • Computer modelling and projecting tools: ERwin, ARIS, Enterprise Architect, Visio;
  • Frameworks: Oracle JDeveloper, JBuilder, Oracle Forms, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclips, etc.;
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, *NIX;
  • Programming languages: Java, Scala, Groovy, BPEL, C/C++, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, HTML/XML/XSL/XPath/XQuery, Python, Shell;
  • Technologies/ approaches: JEE/J2SE, microservices, Portlets, Big Data, Maven, ANT, JAXP, Web Services, APEX, AJAX, OSGi, etc.;
  • Frameworks/ repositories: Spring framework, Play, Akka, Spark, Lagom, Hibernate, Hazelcast, Guava, Spray, ZK, Camel/CXF/ActiveMQ, etc.

Why our clients choose us?

  • Our working experience with Java is connected with web-applications and solutions development.
  • We are experienced in development of autonomous applications with Swing technology.
  • We have a big experience in development of data bases in the projects linked with JEE.
  • We use the acquired knowledge in the sphere of development of ready-made portlets for portal construction.
  • You may rely on us in the sphere of expertise with IBM Websphere Application Server.
  • We use various tools and platforms of open-coded platforms.
  • All our employees have high qualification and professionalism.
  • 2 main training courses for J2SE and JEE worked out for us are aimed at interaction with every training participant.
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