Development on Oracle platform


Development of custom software

      Development of enterprise management system based on Oracle e-Business Suite allows automating the financial, logistics, production and project activities of the company of any scale. Flexible setting and adaptation means allow taking into consideration specific features of the customer. Implementation of such enterprise management system results into development of highly-integrated system where all the data and business-processes are available for usage and control at every executive and managerial level.

Oracle e-Business Suite Enhancement Services:

  • Oracle e-Business Suite modification and functionality extension for satisfying specific needs of customers or industry;
    • Development of new forms and modification of standard ones;
    • Alteration of standard forms logic by CUSTOM.pll library and forms personification mechanism modification;
    • Customization and development of new operation flows diagrams;
    • Reports working-out;
    • Development of simultaneous programs;
  • Development of new Oracle e-Business Suite modules;
  • Migration of data from inherited databases;
  • Migration of Oracle E-Business Suite from version 11i to R12;
  • Integration of inherited systems with Oracle E-Business Suite;
    • Development of data conversion interfaces from/to adjacent systems;
    • Development of Oracle E-Business Suite integration modules to external hardware devices and external software by the means of technologies;
  • Configuration and implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite;
  • First-line technical support of Oracle E-Business Suite.

      The following services are necessary when business needs grow out of Oracle E-Business Suite standard functionality and out of standard consulting services of Oracle or its partners, or when there is the need to achieve more efficient price/quality ratio for specific kinds of work in the project.

Modules and subsystems

  • Business capacity management (BCM);
  • Management of material flows;
  • Management of interrelations with clients;
  • Finances;
  • Enterprise asset management (EAM);
  • Management of maintenance and repairs;
  • Human resources management system (HR);
  • Management of production;
  • Management of companies’ projects;
  • Financial servicing;
  • Vital cycle management;
  • Logistics management.

      Oracle E-Business Suite is the fullest set of business applications consisting of more than 170 integrated software modules, which make it possible to solve problems of complex automation and to improve the management system not depending on company size. Application of ERP-system based on OeBS platform provides the possibility to receive credible information about all areas, subdivisions and services of the object and to manage the business efficiently. The company “SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES” provides implementation and support of OeBS modules at objects in different areas.
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