Machine Learning

A set of technologies which implement and use scientific practices in the field of analysis and forecasting

Development of custom software
Machine Learning solves the application tasks of improving product sales efficiency, customer retention and expenses optimization. 

Such tasks can be already successfully implemented segmentation of clients by preferences, creation of personalized offers for clients and forecasting of response to the offer, construction of the best Next Best Action, assessment of risk of outflow.


    • Different types of data quality control;
    • Quickly get reliable analytics;
    • Flexibility in the conditions of quickly changing market.

Machine Learning in Banking Enables allows solve such tasks as 

  • Credit scoring;
  • Segmentation of clients by lifestyle;
  • Prediction of the following operations;
  • Forecasting of loading of ATMs;
  • Detection of fraudulent actions (anti-fraud).

Possibilities of use Machine Learning for retail chain

Machine  Learning.jpg

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