Machine Learning

A set of technologies which implement and use scientific practices in the field of analysis and forecasting

Development of custom software

Machine learning is an applied area of science, which is responsible for creation and researching of computer models and algorithms that are able to self-learning on the basis of incoming data.
In a practical meaning this is a set of technologies which use and implement the scientific works in analysis and forecasting fields.

Areas of application:

    • Speech recognition;
    • Gesture recognition;
    • Handwriting recognition;
    • Image recognition;
    • Technical diagnostics;
    • Medical diagnostics;
    • Time series forecasting;
    • Fraud detection;
    • Spam detection;
    • Documents classification;
    • Stock exchange technical analysis;
    • Financial supervision;
    • Credit score;
    • Customers leave forecast;
    • Cheminformatics;
    • Search ranking learning.

Tasks that can be solved:

    • Identification of parties prone to churn;
    • Identification of parties prone to the switch of device;
    • Next Best Offer forecasting;
    • Target audiences identifying (clustering).
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