Application Integration, SOA

Platform Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works

IT infrastructure
“SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES” provides various services based on Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works. They include:

  • Application Integration;
  • SOA.

Application Integration

The Application Integration architecture allows to organize dynamic business processes oriented to the user in any applied systems of the enterprise. Joint operation of the best applications in its class is organized (made by Oracle and other developers). This makes it possible to reduce expenditures and improve flexibility of the company owing to the access to advanced practices.

This architecture allows to:

    • Launch the own integration project;
    • Reduce integration risks;
    • Reduce expenditures for integration.


Service-oriented architecture is a modular approach to software development based on the use of distributed loosely coupled replaceable components equipped with standardized interfaces for interrelations by standardized protocols. Software complexes worked out in accordance with the service oriented architecture is usually implemented as a set of Web-services acted by the SOAP protocol, but other implementations also exist.

SOA principles

    • Services as information system components which publish their interfaces (contracts). These contracts do not depend on the platform, the programming language, the operation system and other technical implementation peculiarities, the services interact with each other and with auxiliary services with the use of open and widely used standards;
    • Every information system component implements an individual business function which is a logically separated and repeated task which is a component of the enterprise’s business process;
    • Loose coupling. Services in the SOA based systems may be implemented independently from other services of the system. The only requirement is knowledge of the interface of used services.
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