Monitoring of automatic systems


IT infrastructure

Monitoring of automatic systems makes it possible for employees of the IT-division to track automatic systems operability 24/7 for quick and prompt response to possible malfunctions.

Advantages of the system

    • Receiving the summarized information on the state of automatic systems installed in the Bank/at the enterprise;
    • Tracking of automatic systems operability 24/7;
    • Operation in the active mode (the monitoring system requests information from accounting systems) and in the passive mode (the accounting system sends information for monitoring);
    • Tracking the dynamics of errors occurrence according to systems operability schedules;
    • Detection of a potential risk of system malfunction and warning in advance;
    • Acceptance of notifications in case of system malfunction detection for possible prompt response to provision of servers workability.


The system “ Monitoring of automatic systems” is tracks workability of the following systems:


Capacities of the system “Monitoring of automatic systems”:

  • Assessment of state of systems` state within a group and depiction of the statistics of errors and other scanned parameters;
  • Operation in various modes for receiving the profound information: request of information from accounting systems in the active mode or acceptance and procession of information from the accounting system;
  • Independent work with the application without developer’s involvement: adjustment of users and access roles in the Bank;
  • Flexible adjustment of the errors tracking logic by systems: error type, error conditions, sound alarm, quantity of error repetitions for notification, criteria for decision making on probable malfunction occurrence;
  • Notifications on possible malfunctions may be adjusted for various receivers depending on days of the week, time of the event occurrence, type of the system;
  • Quick installation of the system: installation of an autonomous module and individual adjustment for enterprise/bank systems.
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