Mobile application for payment of fuel for belorusneft filling stations

DRIVE&PAY – pay for fuel without queues!

Нow to fill a car?

  • Application determines which gas station you are at, using GPS in your smartphone;

  • Insert the dispensing gun into the tank;

  • Select the fuel column number;

  • Specify fuel type and quantity in litres or amount planned for fueling. It is possible to refuel the full tank (if you have paid for more fuel than the fuel tank holds, the cost of non-refilled fuel the system will return to your card);

  • The system automatically turns on the fuel distribution column and refills the machine.

DRIVE&PAY opportunities:

    • Selection of a driver-friendly means of payment for fuel (several bank cards can be linked);

    • Personal settings of the cabinet: main payment means, car, tank capacity, type of fuel, and other;

    • Search for the nearest refuelling station;

    • Automatic check of fuel type at refuelling;

    • Route planning taking into account availability of necessary services;

    • Possibility of full tank filling;

    • The application works at all gas stations Belorusneft.

DRIVE&PAY benefits:

  • Fast purchased fuel:
    • There is no need to stand in two queues - at the entrance to the column and in queue to pay;
    • Using the customized templates payments.
  • A wide range of legal tenders in one application:
    • Rejection of a physical wallet;
    • Using of several alternative legal tender types.
  • Planning and control of fuel purchases:
    • Saving history and getting statistics;
    • Participate in loyalty programs.
  • Geolocation:
    • An easy way to build a route to a filling station;
    • Quick search for the nearest filling station taking into account customer preferences.




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