Dziakuj is a service for fuel payment at filling station via mobile App in the Smartphone of a retail customer.

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"Dziakuj" - save your time, pay for fuel without leaving the car!!




Нow to fill a car?

  • GPS in Smartphone identifies exactly the filling station where the driver locates;
  • enter the pump into the fuel tank;
  • choose the fuel dispenser number;
  • choose type of fuel and the number of liters or the sum of money for refueling; it is possible to fill the full tank (if you pay for more amount of fuel than the fuel tank contains , the system will return the rest of money to your card);
  • the system automatically turns on the fuel dispenser and refueling the car.

Dziakuj possibility:

    • geolocation;
    • «full tank» function;
    • possibility of binding several bank cards;;
    • participate in loyalty programs of filling stations;
    • personal account settings: main means of payment, car, tank capacity, type of fuel, favorite filling station;
    • saving of refueling history and statistics.

Dziakuj benefits:

  • Fast purchased fuel
    • There is no need to stand in two queues - at the entrance to the column and in queue to pay 
    • Using the customized templates payments
  • A wide range of legal tenders in one application 
    • Rejection of a physical wallet 
    • Using of several alternative legal tender types
  • Planning and control of fuel purchases 
    • Saving history and getting statistics
    • Participate in loyalty programs
  • Geolocation 
    • An easy way to build a route to a filling station 
    • Quick search for the nearest filling station taking into account customer preferences

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