Interview with Andrey Korshakov, CEO of SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES

Success story: 25 years of efficiency, reliability and expertise


Over the 25 years of its activity, the company has managed to implement a huge number of ideas and projects, gain invaluable experience, which in turn has become an integral part of the examination. Thus, the company SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES continues to create its success story and keep a high bar for the quality of the supplied solutions.

The end of the year is a great time to remember the path the company has gone and set equally ambitious goals for the future. As part of the end of the festive interview cycle, we offer an interview about SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES of the company’s CEO – Andrey Korshakov.

The anniversary year for our company is coming to an end. 25 years is a fundamental figure, a quarter of a century. What path has the company gone during this time?

For 25 years, our company has gone a long way of its formation and has turned from a small team of specialists who have worked in certain banks, understand the specifics of financial institutions and tried to create effective solutions for the financial sector, into a huge team of professionals.

At the beginning of its activity, SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES were a company of one solution, but over time we have a set of proprietary products that we are proud of, which we are constantly developing, which are in demand in the market and many customers are grateful to us for helping to make their business truly efficient.

Over the years, we have accumulated enormous expertise and become one of the leaders in the industry.

What allows the company to keep a “brand of quality” for so many years?

First of all, these are our people, our team of professionals. Thanks to their professionalism, we have the opportunity to constantly keep the “quality brand” of our own solutions that we create and implement for customers.

I want to note that we are confident in our developments and therefore we are always ready to take on increased obligations, always responsible for their implementation. And I am convinced that every year we will continue to improve the quality of the supplied solutions, to become even better so that customers continue to say: “SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES are equal to the quality mark”.


What sets us apart from other software developers? What are our strengths?

I believe we are distinguished by the fact that for 25 years we have been continuously developing and always strive to implement new solutions, look for new opportunities.

This is done not only in words – many of the company’s projects are innovative, thanks to which SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES are considered one of the leaders in the IT market today.

Why is this really the case? I will give as an example several cases.

If we consider the technological aspect, we are one of the first companies to use microservice architecture in their solutions. When everything just started, many companies mentioned the topic of microservice architecture in passing, at the same time we already introduced this technology at all and eventually managed to successfully implement it in the projects of our clients. And now you can confidently declare that we have chosen the right path and have not made a mistake in our choice.

Another example: SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES is the first company in Belarus to introduce an innovative solution in the form of services for working with end users, that is, with residents of our country. 7 years ago, in 2016, residents of Belarus were able to refuel a car for the first time using a mobile phone. At that time, no one else offered such a solution to the market. Our company was the first to actually implement this kind of service. Moreover, the solution was successfully scaled to the whole country.

It is impossible not to remember our decision to pay for travel. Again, we are the first in the country to offer a payment mechanism via Bluetooth beacons. This technology was not even understood at first, but in practice it turned out to prove the viability of this idea.

We were the first. No one at that time offered any similar or other solutions in this area.

What are we striving for in the future?

Now there is serious turbulence and therefore it is difficult to say what will happen in a year or two. It’s even harder to look into the future for 10 or 25 years. Rather, you can voice some assumptions regarding the development of the company.

In general, I want to note that we have always strived, aspired and will strive to become a global company. We actively work with clients from different countries, are always open for new interesting and unique projects.

If we talk about technology, we are moving forward, mastering the most modern technological stack. Our workflow meets all current trends, and our equipment meets all Western requirements. Our company is ready to implement a project of any complexity.

I also want to note that no one is using a number of advanced technologies that we use in Belarus.

And if we touch on modern trends, recently there have been more and more discussions about artificial intelligence. There are many predictions that later AI will replace programmers. I believe that in the near future it is too early to talk about this, since at the moment AI can only replace more primitive functions. And this has to be fully dealt with yet, not to mention more high-tech tasks. And this means that programmers – to be!


# Efficiency # Reliability # Expertise – why are these words about us?

As for efficiency, we have learned how to efficiently manage teams, projects, customer relationships, worked out all mechanisms. And our indicators from year to year show that the company is becoming more and more efficient in various indicators.

We do not stand still and continue to hone workflows, conduct ongoing monitoring of various processes and look for ways to improve efficiency.

In this matter, Change Management should happen constantly, this is important. There is never such a moment that everything is perfect for the company and you can stop there, because everything works so well. As long as there is a company, so much there is Change Management in the company.

Our reliability is time-tested. The company always strives to be at the forefront of demand, clearly identify customer needs and offer only reliable and, especially, safe solutions.

Today, security is a more urgent direction than ever.

If earlier safety was treated with a degree of neglect, today this is a very serious aspect, which is also included in the term reliability. SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES owns the appropriate certificates, built and implemented processes, production cycles and can issue an official document to any of its customers, where there will be confirmation that the implemented solution does not contain threats in the current version.

Why we are experts? You can answer this question with one sentence: because we are 25 years old. Because companies that are a year, three, five years old are unlikely to be able to write and confirm these words, it will just be a marketing ploy. It is absolutely impossible in a short time to become super-experts in a particular area. Therefore, examination is about us. For such a long period of time, we managed to create an examination, and, most importantly, we continue to develop it.

New Year’s Eve is coming. What would you like to wish for?

Of course, I wish the company development and stability. Go forward, no matter what thorns. We learned to overcome difficulties, find the right solutions, so the wishes for the company: to develop and flourish.

I want to wish the employees of our company that everyone always has a challenge in their life’s, which they are creates for themselves and successfully overcomes. Set ambitious goals for yourself and be sure to achieve them. But you shouldn’t stop there. Every time you achieve your goal, start setting a new one.

Well, for the clients I would like to wish that their business will always develop, and we, in turn, will actively help them in this, substituting our reliable shoulder. Over many years of collaboration and collaboration, we have become good friends. Therefore, if someone has ambitious goals, we will always be happy to help achieve them..

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