Business breakfast «Successful Digital Brand. Bank or Fintech?»


On April 18, the SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES company held a business breakfast event for representatives of Azerbaijani banks in Baku.

The morning meeting was organized by our company together with the GY Event agency (Azerbaijan) and the Azerbaijan Banks Association.

“Successful Digital Brand. Bank or Fintech?” business breakfast was dedicated to the topic of building digital brands for banks and fintech companies. During the event, representatives of the SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES company made a speech:

Alexandr Putyato, Executive Director
“Why do Banks need a Digital Brand?”

Pavel Shikarev, Digital Banking Project Manager
“Designing Tomorrow’s Bank: Focus on Human-Centric Solutions”

Anna Kondratieva, Head of Financial Systems Development
“New generation of Core Banking Systems as necessary attribute of a modern Digital Bank”

Together with the invited audience, colleagues discussed trends in building digital brands, global trends in the development of Digital Banking, opportunities to improve the Bank’s business efficiency with the new generation of IT solution and possibility of creating an interaction ecosystem between clients and the Bank using a single fintech application.

In the relaxed atmosphere of the business breakfast, participants not only received useful information, but were able to analyze industry cases, collect practical advice and be inspired by fresh ideas.

The SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES has been working with the digitalization of the financial sector for many years. Company is an expert in building a digital brand and helps to make the client’s business truly effective.

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